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If, like us, you love a good cup of tea, this gorgeous little Tea Infuser is for you. We also use ours for infusing boiled water with flowers and herbs for homemade facial toners and face mists.


Plastic Free Tea

Did you know that out of the six biggest tea brands in the UK, only one has tea bags that are truly plastic free. Shout out to Pukka.

This Tea Infuser is the perfect alternative to tea bags. Use it with your favourite loose leaf tea to brew the perfect cuppa in your favourite mug, pot, stainless steel bottle or travel cup.

It’s so easy to add your tea and to clean as its hinged top opens completely and it’s just the right size to fit into standard cups and mason jars.


The perfect cuppa

To make the perfect cup of tea:

Add your favourite tea to your Tea Infuser (we recommend around 1 tsp per cup), close up and pop into your mug.

Pour hot water over your Tea Infuser and allow to brew. You might have a personal preference for this, but a rule of thumb for brewing times is:

White – 3 minutes
Green – 1 minute
Oolong – 3 minutes
Black – 2-3 minutes
Herbal & Rooibos – 5 minutes

Remove your Tea Infuser, sit back, relax and enjoy the happiness that can be found in a tea cup.


Lovely DIY Calming Chamomile Toner

Add two teaspoons of chamomile tea to your Tea Infuser.

Allow to brew in warm, not hot, water for 5 minutes.

Remove your Tea Infuser and pour your toner into a spray bottle.

Apply using a cotton pad or spray directly onto your face for a gorgeous calming toner. This is even better if you keep it in the fridge on a hot summer’s day.


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